Life after university

Transitioning from university to full-time work marks a significant shift in expectations and responsibilities. At university, students are accustomed to clear instructions and deadlines, providing a structured framework for learning and achievement. However, entering the workforce, particularly through a graduate scheme like Hatmill, entails a newfound autonomy.  

Suddenly, individuals become their own bosses, responsible for managing their time and tasks efficiently. The industry itself presents a dynamic landscape, constantly evolving and requiring adaptability. Despite the initial challenges, this transition offers unparalleled growth opportunities, with graduates gaining valuable experience and exposure.  

Traditional hierarchical structures may not be the only path forward; flat structures provide flexibility and independence, empowering individuals to make choices about their career paths. Life after university is not just about entering a “real-life job”; it’s about embracing the autonomy, challenges, and opportunities that come with it, shaping a fulfilling and dynamic career journey. 

Why Hatmill?

Hatmill isn’t like a typical company with senior leadership teams and chief executives who are responsible for fighting for budgets to make their function look better than others. Hatmill truly is one team where everyone is treated the same and, as there are no hierarchies or promotions, no one is going to put you down in order to make themselves look better.  

Hatmill is comprised of supply chain experts, engineers, consultants, and project managers who have years of experience in industries such as 3PLs, FMCGs, retail, and pharmaceuticals. And whilst everyone has their own expertise,  you have the scope to get involved in any project to constantly grow your skillset, whilst being provided with support to carve your own niche. 

The culture of the company allows you to be yourself, with the knowledge that everyone is going to support you to become the best version of yourself. And as there are no managers, you are trusted to manage your own workload, and work in teams to recommend the best solutions to client challenges, without seeking the approval of your manager. 

Hatmill’s culture led us to be recognised as #1 Great Place to Work in 2023 in the small business category and medium-sized business runner up in 2024. 

Key Learnings and Expectations 

Since September, we (the graduates) have been fortunate to work on projects with many clients and have been trusted to get on with work that has been vital to the client. A grad role at Hatmill offers a steep learning curve and opportunities, provided you are willing to work hard. Here are some things we’ve learnt since starting. 

  • Networking – This isn’t just external. We have bi-annual corporate events that allow us to meet the whole team and expand our connections. We also have monthly training sessions throughout the first year of joining to expand our industry knowledge 
  • This is a field-based role – Some projects may involve working from home, but the majority are working on client sites. You will be staying in hotels and going out for dinner with your project team on a regular basis 
  • You will be thrown in at the deep end – The work we do is critical to the client’s operation and long-term Logistics strategy. Whilst you have the full support and backing of your colleagues, you will be expected to contribute effectively 
  • You get out what you put in – Without a boss, you must be self-motivated to work hard. The more effort you put in, the more you will be rewarded 
  • 1-1 coaching sessions – A bonus to Hatmill is the added benefit of having a coach to help excel in both personal and professional development  


Does this sound like somewhere you might like to work? If so, we asked the team for some key skills you need to be successful at Hatmill. Here are a few tips and thoughts to think about.  

  • Self-Motivating‘Lead yourself to success’    
  • Emotional intelligence‘Navigate emotion, master connections’ 
  • Leave your ego at the door ‘Stay humble, keep learning, achieve more’ 
  • Client-focused ‘Client first, always!’ 
  • Effective communicator –  ‘Clear communication, collective success’ 
  • Sense of humour‘Have fun with it’  

You can find out more about graduate careers at Hatmill here, or you can contact one of us directly. We would be more than happy to discuss our thoughts on Hatmill in more detail.

“Lead Yourself to Success”

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