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Noor Malik

After graduating from Teesside University with a First-Class Honours degree in Business Management, I obtained a position with Hatmill. I have spent three years in retail alongside my studies, ascending to the position of Customer and Trading Manager.

Prioritising people, optimising processes, and dedicating full commitment to catalysing a company’s performance and productivity.

In addition to three years of business management theory, I have had the opportunity to implement this knowledge in practice over the course of three and a half years at Sainsburys. I started my career as a customer experience leader before becoming a customer and trading manager.

By instituting waste prevention strategies, optimising store processes, and driving sales, I have contributed to an increase in operational profitability. This hands-on role equipped me with sharp business acumen and adept problem-solving skills. Through my journey, I realised the significance of collective intelligence and effective team collaboration in achieving a shared goal. An inclusive environment unlocks the entire potential of the team, thereby accelerating the rate of success. The prioritisation of people at Hatmill was a significant factor for me, as this concept facilitates the operation’s success.

As an advocate for the strength derived from unified collaboration, my strategy is centred on ensuring that the entire team operates on a level playing field, with each member receiving equal value. Every endeavour I undertake is marked by complete commitment. My dedication to continuous development is a driving force that reflects my desire for growth. This quality enables me to cultivate inclusive environments where all individuals can thrive in collaboration. I am excited at having the opportunity to expand my understanding and expertise in the supply chain and logistics industries with Hatmill. It is a journey through which I aspire to develop my skills and knowledge, leading to greater business success and efficiency.

This opportunity with Hamill will allow me to prioritise people, optimise processes, and dedicate my full commitment to catalysing a company’s performance and productivity as I enter the supply chain industry.

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