Moving more for our Mental Health

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week

The theme is Movement: Moving more for our mental health.

One of the most important things you can do to help protect your mental health is regular movement. We all know that exercise, taking regular screen breaks and getting outdoors are so beneficial both mentally and physically.  Moving more can increase your energy, reduce stress and anxiety, and boost your self-esteem. However it’s often the first thing to go when busy at work.

Thanks to our flexible ‘work from anywhere’ policies, we want to support our team to find moments for movement when they can, whether that be starting later for work or taking a longer lunch when the weather is good. We also offer paid time off for volunteering to support clients and charities we work with such as the Greggs Foundation and Chatsworth sponsored walks.

Members of the team often get together for a walk or run when working away from home on projects. It’s a great way to unwind and get to know each other better. Whether it’s a quick run round a racecourse before a training session or running 10K up Arthurs Seat during our away days, they manage to find the time. We even had our very own Yoga teacher, Karine Bartle, running Yoga sessions on Zoom during Covid.

Mental Health First Aid Training

As well as encouraging more movement, over 50% of the Hatmill team are trained in first aid for Mental Health.  The aim of the training is to raise mental health awareness, reduce stigma around mental health and enhance a positive support culture, both internally and externally with clients. The training has also empowered people with a long-term mental health issue or disability to thrive at Hatmill.

Currently Hatmill employees have access to a number of resources to call upon in times of need:

  • Coaching – every member of the team has a one to one coaching session every month. It’s totally confidential and allows the team member to be open and honest about their development, struggles and achievements.
  • Wellbeing champions – promoting and engaging colleagues with activities to reduce stress within the working environment.
  • Employee Assistance Programme provided through our Group Medical Insurance and Income Protection Schemes.

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