Hatmill aims for net zero by partnering with net zero delivery firm Flotilla

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Simon Dixon, Founder and CEO of Hatmill, says, “We’re bringing Flotilla onboard as we know they can drive actionable results, allowing us to reduce our carbon footprint through achievable green initiatives. Together, we’ll create a blueprint for Hatmill’s net zero goal.”

“We hope that through leading by example in the supply chain and logistics sector, we will help to raise the bar for carbon reduction in the industry as a whole. The need for businesses to act on their sustainability and ESG agendas is increasing, and our clients and team are now driving this demand.”

“As an employee-owned business, our team is really behind our move to net zero and ready to take both the individual and collaborative steps required to achieve our ambitious goal. Flotilla has recommended some great carbon reduction schemes which we’ll look to implement over the coming months.”

Flotilla’s net zero platform integrates with Hatmill to provide science-based insights for reducing carbon emissions. This will inform decisions and drive changes in the way they operate. The partnership with Flotilla will enable Hatmill to understand and measure their end-to-end carbon footprint in a finely detailed, actionable way. Hatmill will also be working closely with Flotilla to launch a range of sustainability services for clients to help them on their journey to net zero.

John Rastrick, Flotilla founder and CEO, comments: “Flotilla is delighted to be working with Hatmill, to measure its carbon footprint and support them in charting a course to net zero. It’s what we excel at and are committed, with Hatmill, to make it happen through our range of net zero solutions, from carbon accounting to employee engagement and training via the Flotilla Climate Academy, impact reporting and providing ongoing consultancy and support.

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.


Like many businesses, Hatmill was already underway with many sustainable initiatives but decided to partner with Flotilla to coordinate and drive forward their strategy to net zero. Unusually, Hatmill has no offices, preferring its people to either work from client sites or from home. So, the company emits no Scope 1 or Scope 2 emissions (emissions directly from the company such as power and electricity required for office buildings) and company-owned vehicles are all electric.

The majority of Hatmill’s emissions are from business. Going forward, the team is looking at ensuring all team away days are reached by public transport, virtual meetings are considered where possible and all business travel and accommodation is booked via sustainable travel booking sites.


Supporting other businesses on their journey to net zero


As well as embarking on their own net zero journey, Hatmill has also launched an end-to-end net zero offering, supporting supply chain, logistics and warehousing organisations in achieving their sustainability goals.  To find out more about these services, please click here.


“I would describe Hatmill as energising, refreshing and inspiring”

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