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Towards net zero: How Hatmill can help

The need for businesses to act on their sustainability and ESG agendas is increasing, and consumers are now driving this demand.

Achieving net zero and maintaining that status in an ever-evolving environment is a long-term commitment. It always takes longer than people think because there are always so many knock-on impacts to consider.

For the first time we’re talking to companies who want to be ‘green’ because they believe it’s the right thing to do, not because it’s a marketing ploy or a symptom of a lower operating cost.  Business leaders are now tolerating higher financial costs to generate lower environmental ones.


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There has been a renewed focus on sustainability as we emerge from the pandemic. Businesses are reengineering warehouses to lower costs and adopting sustainable practices in the pursuit of net zero.

Our end-to-end net zero offering supports logistics, warehousing and supply chain organisations in achieving their sustainability goals. With our extensive industry expertise, our approach to your businesses’ net zero would be through discovery, measurement, identifying suitable technology and ongoing support. Hatmill has partnered with Flotilla, the net zero carbon accounting, consulting and delivery firm, to launch a range of sustainability services for clients to help them on their journey to net zero.

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Our end-to-end net zero offering supports logistics, warehousing and supply chain organisations in achieving their sustainability goals

1. Sustainable design and build

  • Embodied, operational and whole-life carbon impact assessments for new warehouses and buildings
  • Support in achieving globally recognised standards (BREEAM) and the UK Green Business Council framework for net zero buildings

2. Measurement and target setting

  • Operational and supply chain emissions profile assessment, measuring and monitoring for Scopes 1,2 and 3 emissions
  • Short and long-term target setting, and approval of net zero targets linked to Science-Based Targets (SBTs)

3. Net zero strategy and delivery

  • Develop a comprehensive net zero strategy and action plan with specific reduction initiatives throughout the supply chain
  • Net zero platform to measure, track progress, report, and verify carbon emissions

4. Scope 3 specialism

  • Identify, assess, and manage Scope 3 emissions by developing a comprehensive inventory of Scope 3-related emissions
  • Promote supplier collaboration to adopt more sustainable practices by targeting spending data and associated emissions

5. Sustainable transport solutions

  • Assessment of current transportation practices and emissions to develop a tailored emissions reduction strategy
  • Identifying and implementing relevant technology solutions that reduce transport emissions and improve efficiency

6. Sustainable warehouse solutions

  • Detailed assessment of current operations, energy usage, waste generation, and emissions to form the baseline
  • Identify relevant energy-efficient and carbon-reduction technologies and practices. Explore and evaluate renewable energy sources

7. Training and engagement

  • Assist in developing employee training programs that promote sustainable practices and raise awareness about sustainability goals
  • Foster a culture of sustainability through employee engagement programs. Create a baseline of climate literacy for all employees

8. Regulations and compliance

  • Perform a gap analysis to identify required remediation between your current practices and the legal requirements
  • Ensure compliance with local, national, and international sustainability and environmental regulations

9. Carbon offsetting and mitigation

  • Establish a carbon offset program with verified quality offsetting schemes linked to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
  • Demonstrate the effectiveness and overall contribution to the organisations sustainability goals

10. Net zero certification

  • Verification process and certification at each stage of the net zero journey confirming meaningful actions towards sustainability goals
  • Ongoing support and collaboration. Supporting businesses with their evolution towards a net-zero emissions future
  • Hatmill’s new sustainability strategy provides a strong, engaging and unified sustainability vision; a great springboard for developing further targets as we begin to report on an annual basis, measuring our progress and sharing our success. The report is a momentous step forward for us and we are excited to get going. Thanks to everyone for sharing their ideas for carbon reduction schemes. As an employee-owned business, everyone at Hatmill has a part to play in achieving our ambitious net zero goal.

    - Simon Dixon, Founder and CEO of Hatmill

  • We’re so excited to be partnering with Hatmill on their journey to net zero. Not only does it signify their intent to contribute towards a low carbon future, but it’s a fantastic opportunity to unite employees with a shared vision and purpose, bringing every team member together with a common and personally important goal.

    - John Rastrick, CEO at Flotilla

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