New Hatmill Huddle Series: Improve your supply chain project results

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Plan for success: Prepare your people and organisation for your supply chain project and results will follow


If you’re looking for efficiencies or payback on supply chain and logistics investment, you can’t afford to miss our new Hatmill Huddle series ‘Improve your supply chain results’.

A vital, yet often forgotten element of delivering benefits from any change is making sure the whole organisation is ready for it. Careful preparation smooths the way to delivery, removes bottlenecks and helps mitigate risks that cause delays to implementation and to expected results.

In these three sessions we explore how you can improve operational performance and drive project results, by bringing focus to just a few key aspects of the organisation’s ways of working.

Simon Dixon, Founder and CEO at Hatmill discusses real world scenarios with our organisation readiness expert Linzi Parry. Discover how to avoid the common pitfalls when implementing a significant supply chain project and take away some tips to put this into practice right away.


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