Hatmill Huddle replay – Performance: the high cost of low morale

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Hatmill’s Founder and CEO Simon Dixon and our organisational readiness expert Linzi Parry discuss the risks of low engagement and the value of a support network to boost your team’s morale and performance.


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Effective leadership in sports teams makes them function well. But it’s not just the captain who leads, there are also key influencers who affect the mood of the dressing room with humour, the good listeners for those having a difficult time or the brilliant tacticians for dealing with certain situations.

All contribute to the performance of the team and the desired results. A transformative initiative, such as implementing new automation, can exhaust and overwhelm teams, especially if there are challenges or delays.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Identify and delegate to your support network.
  • Set clear priorities and a united goal.
  • Create better collaboration.


Watch the replays


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