We’re officially a Great Place to Work!

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Our staff have spoken and after a rigorous survey process, we’ve been certified as a Great Place to Work.


A Great Place to Work For All™ is one where everyone, no matter who they are or what they do, is having a consistently positive experience. Caring leaders foster an environment where everyone has a purpose, can contribute new ideas, and has access to the resources they need to thrive within the organisation.


Hatmill culture and values


Fundamental to the growth of Hatmill has been our ways of working. The result has been a culture focused on collaboration, shared values, peer feedback to improve client value and the delivery of successful projects.

Hatmill’s culture matches that of ‘Teal’ businesses as researched by Fredrick La Loux in his book “Reinventing Organisations”.

As a ‘Teal’ organisation, Hatmill’s operating model is non-hierarchical – it carries no job titles – and the team have significant influence over their work, something that has boosted staff retention, morale and wellbeing·

Our values shape the way in which we work with clients to make sure they are delighted with the outcome of any project we do together. We believe our core values make us a consultancy with the client at the heart of everything we do.

Simon Dixon, Founder of Hatmill said:

“I’m thrilled Hatmill has been recognised as a Great Place to Work. Creating a great place to work is fundamental to my business principles, and I’m excited about the next stage of Hatmill’s journey. We’ve got ambitious growth plans to grow the business and expand our product offering.

Since founding Hatmill over 13 years ago, the growth and success of the company are beyond my wildest dreams. Transferring ownership into my amazing team’s hands last year was such a proud moment, and it ensures Hatmill’s ‘Teal’ culture and values live on, which was one of the most important factors to me in considering any next chapter for the company.

It’s a key differentiator between Hatmill and our competitors; our clients value the difference it makes to them. It hugely influences our ability to attract and retain the very best talent in the industry. We’ve demonstrated time and time again that a growing firm from Yorkshire can compete against the big consultancy firms.”

“I would describe Hatmill as energising, refreshing and inspiring”

Naomi Harryman-Hassan

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