Hatmill launches new sustainability offering

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Hatmill, the employee-owned independent supply chain and logistics consultancy, has launched an end-to-end net zero offering, supporting supply chain, logistics and warehousing organisations in achieving their sustainability goals.

Whether a business needs support in one area such as sustainable transport solutions or carbon offsetting or the full spectrum of net zero services, Hatmill can help. With its extensive industry expertise, their approach to a business’s net zero would be through discovery, measurement, identifying suitable technology and ongoing support.

Hatmill has partnered with Flotilla, the net zero carbon accounting, consulting and delivery firm, to launch a range of sustainability services for clients to help them on their journey to net zero.

According to the European Logistics Supply Chain Sustainability Report, 80% of companies say that reducing carbon dioxide emissions in the next five years is a key focus and 28% include ESG targets as obligations for supply chain partners to meet in their contracts.


Aaron Thomas, Sustainability Consultant at Hatmill:

‘’As sustainability climbs higher on both corporate and consumer priority lists, we’re seeing companies looking for more sustainable solutions in all aspects of their supply chain, including warehousing and transport. For the first time we’re talking to companies who want to be ‘green’ because they believe it’s the right thing to do, not because it’s a marketing ploy or a symptom of a lower operating cost. Business leaders are now tolerating higher financial costs to generate lower environmental ones.’’

‘’Our new offering will support our clients, whatever stage they are at on the net-zero journey. We can help companies cut through the noise of net zero and support them in implementing a strategy which is compliant with current regulations, such as the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) and the UK’s Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR). This demonstrates a commitment to their environmental responsibility and can save money in the long term.

‘’Many companies that have a supply chain, warehouses and vehicles emit large quantities of CO2, especially scope 3 emissions, so with our help, they’ll be able to reduce the amount they emit year on year. Carbon compliance is essential for demonstrating your commitment to environmental responsibility and complying with regulations.’’

‘’As well as being the right thing to go, demonstrating ESG credentials supports recruitment and retention as people want to work for a socially conscious business.’’

Hatmill is working with a variety of businesses, across the industry spectrum, in achieving their sustainability goals. Achieving net zero and maintaining that status in an ever-evolving environment is a long-term commitment. It always takes longer than people think because there are always so many knock-on impacts to consider.


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Hatmill’s net zero journey


Earlier this month, Hatmill announced it was embarking on its own net zero journey, read more here.


Simon Dixon, Founder and CEO of Hatmill added:

‘’We hope that through leading by example in the supply chain and logistics sector, we will help to raise the bar for carbon reduction in the industry as a whole. The need for businesses to act on their sustainability and ESG agendas is increasing, and our clients and team are now driving this demand.”


“I would describe Hatmill as energising, refreshing and inspiring”

Naomi Harryman-Hassan

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