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Mehrnoosh Khoujin

I joined Hatmill in October 2020 after gaining experience in a variety of roles in automated material handling and robotics with focus on warehousing and distribution.


Collaboratively working with clients to recognise and successfully deliver automation and robotic solutions customised to their specific operational requirements

My first job in automation was in Vanderlande Industries where I worked as a sales engineer on a diverse range of projects for UK-based and European customers active in parcel handling, food and beverage, industry, ecommerce and fashion sectors.

Subsequently, I had business development and account management roles in ABB’s Service Robotic division. The ABB team at the time was a newly established business within the company that required building a solid customer base in the UK and Europe. After a few years, the customer-base successfully expanded and I focused on working closely with top global automated material handling businesses, 3PLs and major retailers on multi-million pound projects in order to provide them with innovative robotic systems, solutions and technologies in warehouses and distribution centres.

Before joining Hatmill, I was at SSI Schaefer as a Market Sector Manager supporting customers in retail and food and beverage businesses on multi-million pound projects to achieve operation efficiency and cost saving. Some of the projects included working closely with a 3PL company to increase the productivity and space saving of an ecommerce beverage delivery company and supporting a major supermarket to automate pallet and case handling part of their operation in the newly extended part of their warehouse among others.

Hatmill is a place where the clients can access a wealth of industry expertise and knowledge as we work collaboratively as one team to deliver the best suited options to improve your business.

By improving their demand forecast, we helped one client save £3m in agency staffing costs (that’s an 18% reduction).
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