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Josh Mannix

Building relationships with clients to identify opportunities and land change through automation and innovation.

I joined Hatmill after working for 5 years with Asda Logistics Services. I have management experience across warehouse and transport and have also managed logistics engineering projects implementing automation and robotics technology.


I joined Hatmill after completing several roles for Asda Logistics Services across warehouse, transport, and logistics engineering. I have worked in warehouse automation for the last 5 years focusing on robotics, AGV and AMR technology. I have experience with automation concepting as well as managing projects to system sign-off. I hold a first-class degree in logistics and supply chain management.

Key Achievements

  • Project lead on a £7m+ AGV counterbalance and VNA project for a large chemical company.
  • Project lead on an AGV project for a large retailer, facilitating proof of concepts, concept design, tender selection and business case sign-off.
  • Completed an end-to-end global supply chain review for a large UK fashion retailer, identifying over £5m of potential cost savings.
  • Co-created the Hatmill “Orange Book” of automation which critically reviews 200+ warehouse automation and innovation applications.
  • Supported an online fashion retailer with a new DC start-up operation.

The high calibre of consultants at Hatmill combined with the teal culture makes it an exciting place to be.

By improving their demand forecast, we helped one client save £3m in agency staffing costs (that’s an 18% reduction).
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