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Amol Deshmukh

I joined Hatmill with many years of experience in improving supply chains, warehouse operations, and implementing operational excellence and continuous improvement projects in the Oil & Gas and Heavy manufacturing industries. I believe in leveraging people, processes and tools & systems to deliver value to clients.

Supply chain and business improvement leveraging people, processes and technology

I joined Hatmill in 2020 after many years of experience in operational excellence, supply chain, process improvement, inventory management, warehouse improvement and sales operations working in the Oil & Gas and Heavy manufacturing industries. I am passionate about end to end process in a product/service lifecycle and the various opportunities to improve the value chain using six sigma, project management and related skills. I believe that people, processes and tools & systems, all are important in implementing and adopting change in any organisation. I help clients understand ‘what’s in it for me’ and ‘how do I contribute to the business goals’ to embed sustainable change. I am excited about leveraging the digitisation and digitalisation of supply chains to deliver substantial ROI and achieve continuous improvement. In my current and previous roles, I have successfully completed some interesting projects.

  • Managed the construction phase of an automated parcel hub for a national provider
  • Developed the future warehouse network model for a pandemic response organisation
  • Using an analytical approach I managed to reduce slow moving and obsolete inventory by £4 million across 16 European sites.
  • Performed Value Stream Mapping to review warehouse layouts and increase productivity
  • Completed supply chain due diligence for a private equity in acquiring an online apparel business and identified opportunities to drive gross margin improvement
  • Increased pick efficiency by 30% in the UK warehouse for a major assembly site.
  • Improved quote to order conversion rate by 10% using gap analysis and training on SAP skills


I aim to use my analytical approach and problem identification skills to develop innovative solutions and deliver business improvements.

By improving their demand forecast, we helped one client save £3m in agency staffing costs (that’s an 18% reduction).
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