Hatmill is one of Europe’s best workplaces

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Hatmill is one of Europe’s Best Workplaces

Hatmill is very proud to announce that we’ve been named one of the Best Workplaces in Europe. We are ranked number 6 in the small business category on the list of the 150 companies in Europe to receive this recognition.

Best of all, our own colleagues are responsible for this achievement. They filled in the world-renowned Great Place To Work (GPTW) Trust IndexTM employee survey – designed to gain insight into how people feel about their employer and their work environment. The unique, self-managing culture and employee ownership are just a couple of the reasons why Hatmill ranked number one in the small business (20-50 employees) in the UK category, and why employees love working for Hatmill. The result? We’re not only one of the Best Workplaces in our own country, but in all of Europe.

Hatmill joins well-known names on the list including DHL, Hilton and Specsavers.


Hatmill provides end-to-end supply chain and logistics support to deliver improvements to warehouses, transportation, forecasting and inventory, so clients become more profitable and transform their customers’ experience. The employee-owned company works with some of the UK and Europe’s leading and most trusted brands including Maersk, Fujitsu, Heineken, Birkenstock, Asda, Greggs, NHS England and Royal Mail.


Simon Dixon, CEO of Hatmill said:

“I’m thrilled Hatmill has been recognised as one of the Best Places to Work in Europe following us winning THE Best Place to Work in the UK (small business category) earlier this year. Creating a great place to work is fundamental to my business principles so to be ranked 6th on the list is such an honour and is credit to our amazing team.”

“I believe Hatmill has been so successful in the programme due to our unique culture and innovative ways of working which is in direct contrast to so many traditional consultancy firms. While growing Hatmill I’ve been determined to create a culture focused on collaboration and shared values that avoids the usual corporate traps and focuses on what’s important – for our clients and our team.”

“It’s a key differentiator between Hatmill and our competitors; our clients value the difference it makes to them. It hugely influences our ability to attract and retain the very best talent in the industry.”

“Despite the challenging economic environment, we’ve got ambitious plans for growth at Hatmill with expansion into Europe and a new office in the Netherlands in early 2024 on the back of record client demand.”

About the survey


Reflecting the trust

The Trust Index employee survey is designed to illustrate how specific employee perceptions can influence their level of trust in their employer and in the company’s culture. More than 2.6 million European employees were asked to describe how they felt about their work environment. They ranked their employer on statements ranging from ‘This is a psychologically and emotionally healthy place to work’ to ‘I feel I receive a fair share of the profits my company makes’.

Statements touch on a variety of elements related to respect, recognition, transparency and camaraderie – all elements that the Great Place To Work organization uses to determine just how great a workplace is. Through extensive research and experience, Great Place To Work is able to determine what it takes to make a company culture trustworthy, safe, and healthy for employees.

Determining the list

To be recognised as one of the Best Workplaces in Europe, a company must first rank very highly among other companies of the same size in their own country. Then, the highest-ranking companies of every size in each country are ranked in a single European list. Of the 3,350 participating companies – small, medium, large and multinational – only 150 Best Workplaces in Europe have been selected.

“I would describe Hatmill as energising, refreshing and inspiring”

Naomi Harryman-Hassan

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