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Zakar Hussain

As a Business Management graduate, I’m honoured to hold a First-Class degree, and my journey is guided by a deep-seated passion for efficiency and a genuine curiosity for innovation. Through continuous improvement, we can collectively shape a brighter future.

Treating everyone equally and giving 100% in everything I do drives my commitment to making operations more efficient.

My journey into Business Management commenced with achieving a First-Class degree, a recognition of my dedication to delivering excellence in all I undertake. During my academic pursuit, a pivotal moment came through a transformative placement year with Tees Valley Combined Authority (TVCA).

What particularly resonated with me about Hatmill was its distinctive culture, which emphasises merit over job titles. This inclusive environment enables me to fully leverage my capabilities and contribute meaningfully.

A standout moment in my career unfolded during my time at TVCA. I was tasked with enhancing the efficiency of various departments. Leveraging technology and streamlining processes, I guided these teams towards newfound effectiveness. Seeing these improvements come to life underscored the importance of my role.

My guiding principles are straightforward yet profoundly meaningful: treat every individual with fairness and unwavering respect, and commit wholeheartedly to every task. These values are the foundation of my unwavering commitment to driving positive change and achieving operational excellence. They inspire me to consistently seek opportunities to create value, foster inclusivity, and leave a lasting, positive impact on the organisations and communities I serve.

Looking ahead, I’m excited about the potential to continue this journey of growth and impact with Hatmill. I aim to build upon fairness, dedication, and continuous improvement principles, applying them to diverse challenges and contributing to a brighter future.

I believe that by treating everyone equally and approaching every task with 100% dedication, we can transform operations, enhance efficiency, and create a better future.

By improving their demand forecast, we helped one client save £3m in agency staffing costs (that’s an 18% reduction).
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